Midi Top — A Change of Plans

I was really excited to try the style from McCalls 7115. It had a few really cute dress options and a romper to try. I dutifully did a test run on the army green material posted here: Muted May Colors; which the sizing ran quite large and I made a note to go down a size on the next version.

Unfortunately, the difference from size medium to a small is around 6 inches around the waist and I found I’d have to change my plans…


I kept the bodice it’s own piece and made it a shorter top than normal, but not quite a crop top, and let go of any idea the top would overlap in the center front. And there was no way to keep the bodice and shorts attached at this point, several inches would need to be added length wise, so I kept them as separates.


I used the hook and loop in place of buttons and I really kind of like the look. It is certainly unique in my closet.



This material was one I was saving for a very cool special piece and I am a little sad the original plan didn’t work out however; I do get this fun summer top, a romper for my daughter, and some funky new pajama bottoms (the remains of this romper project which shall remain un-blogged!)


The denim skirt I’m wearing is the Brumby Skirt knock off which has the best – far reaching pockets ever. And here is the McCalls photo stamp of the pattern.

th3158NN3WI am determined to try this again and get it right!!

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Sun Hats & Summer Rompers

It’s summer here in the Pacific Northwest…and for us that means bring out the sun hats and sun screen! With a slew of birthdays and the kids having light eyes I just dove in and made half a dozen sun hats.


They are reversible however we all seem to have a favorite side. I used the free pattern from Oliver & S; but I will say that the original pattern was incredibly small so I ended up using it as a reference and made my own templets.20170531_135648

I have been trying to craft the romper perfect romper for a couple months now. Finally a break in the case, my sister had a vintage romper so I traced it and we are pretty happy with the results!


A tie top with elastic shirring in the waist. It works well with potty training as the girls can get it off without help (back into the garment does need help).

This was really nice material I was saving for my own romper which turned out to be diasterous in the most hilarious way so At Least we have this cute piece from the left overs.20170607_092153

Her favorite toy is reunited after a long spell in the laundry. 20170607_09220720170607_092210

A little twirl is required…20170607_092213

Here was the prototype worn by my adorable niece. These fabrics turned out to go well together and I think we’ll put it into rotation for those hot days.20170531_13593220170601_153436(0)20170601_153430

This joyous girl and her grin…20170601_15343620170601_15344020170601_153445(0)

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Muted May Colors

And here we are in May, my favorite month, my birthday month. It’s when you can really get a taste for what the summer will hold.

I just can’t get enough of these two together!! So this will be a double feature…

The dress is McCalls 7115. It’s a cute summer dress or shorts romper.


I wanted to try this out before cutting into a more expensive fabric and I had just recently purchased this lightweight green cotton at the bargain store so it seemed a good fit. I love the army green color on this design.

It’s very loose and comfortable, however I may sew 2 size smaller next time since it seems a little too loose.



This was such a straightforward sew and I will make more of these for the hot summer!



Next up is a fabulous wool coat!

But why a wool coat when the days are warming to a toasty 80*?? Because I can… and also because of camping…


So the story here is I am part of a facebook sewing group and everyone is raving about their vintage wool blanket finds from thrift stores. I thought I want a a vintage wool blanket!! So I promptly went out to find one — this really heavy pink one.


When I got home I realized no child would want to wear THIS thick of a wool cape, coat, skirt, anything. I decided I could try an adult coat and see how it goes. Luckily I did because I LOVE this thing!!

I grabbed a denim pattern (butterick 257) from the mid 90’s and gave this sucker a try. It is heavy and stiff and half way through making it I realized there has never been a better camping jacket. The sleeves even stop at the 3/4 length so as to keep my new coat out of the dirt and grim.


The lines of the pattern really help this wool look intentional and professional.


Naturally I had to line this thing. I had no idea that the wool would still itch through the beige fabric!! Still looks great and the itch factor is tolerable.20170522_085525

This pattern did not include a lining so I quickly looked up the basics on this tutorial. Basically adjust the armhole a little and include a gusset on the back.

I did both those things and it must have worked because I do not notice any hindrances.

I hand sewed a lot on this project, all the lining was hand sewn in two rounds plus many other details to ensure all the seams were tucked away.20170522_085803

I took a few days to decide on these over sized snap closures.20170522_09021020170522_09332120170522_09003920170522_09342120170522_09342020170522_09343220170522_09340620170522_093346

I seriously love this look. I pretty much never look this cool, but hey, it’s my birthday month so I deserve it!


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Most photos by Anna Caitlin Photography who is the best!





Lookin’ Cool in My Bomber


I saw a bomber jacket available by Burda and I had to have it! I really like it.


I gave myself an early mothers day gift by doing some thrifty shopping and had just found this acrylic fabric in a red, black, white check pattern in a second hand store. I hadn’t loved the fabric, but knew I could use it — and I am pleasantly surprised at how well it meshed with this design of a jacket.


I needed a lining and remembered flannel birds I picked up a while back (for my daughter — but I needed it more). I just sewed the two fabrics as one which means exposed seams. This project is one I wanted to fly through soooo… seams be damned!



I also dyed white ribbing into the red ribbing which is used on the sleeves and neck/waist band and it was my first successful try.  It’s dark enough that it blends in better with the dark colors of the jacket.


I purchased lots of snap hardware and while it looks good, it’s major overkill and will never actually snap them all.



This was also my first welt pocket. It took some mental power, but it turned out very processional looking and worth the effort.




A pretty good fit all the way around.


Here is the pattern used: Burda Bomber Jacket









Lullaby Gifts

I was quite excited to sew something for a new little baby that has just arrived. It’s been a while since I was able to make anything small. I went with a cozy little vest and a baby blanket.


Now I know the vest won’t fit for a while, about 9-12 months, but they have it for when she grows; and of course a simple flannel baby blanket with rainbows and birds is helpful right away.

The vest pattern is Little Kiwi Closet and I love the fit for kids.

This family has a few small white furry dogs and I couldn’t resist this fun faux-Sherpa material for the outer. This way the new babe will fit right in with the pack.

This family also loves birds so the button  keeps the whole present in theme with the blanket. I just love the delicate flowers for the lining. A perfect cozy and practical gift.



I love these semi-neutral colors, they are bright without screaming pink.


I hope these gifts are used and loved through all the games and lullaby’s to come .

Thanks for taking a look!




Summer Top

I was excited to try a pattern from a Japanese  sewing book I gifted myself over Christmas, from Yoshiko Tsukiori, Stylish Dress Book.

It seemed like a bargain to get over 20 patterns for $12, but now I see that there is quite a bit of work in tracing and cutting a template. However we are always trying to learn new things aren’t we! I like to think of this simple top as a great candidate for the 4th of July!



I appreciate the darts in this loose style, without them it would be too baggy.

My ruffles leave room for improvement…



This top was a quick make and so it shall be a quick blog post too!

Thanks for taking a look-see.



Easter Colors & Outfits


Easter! I love the spring and all the excitement it holds for us during the warmer months. I ran to the nearby craft store and let my daughter pick her favorite fabric, then trying to coordinate colors for the boy and myself.

What a success it was! The whole day was filled with friends and family fun and the kids continue to pull out their bright clothes for everyday wear.

Lets start with this frilly dress! it came from a Japanese sewing pattern book called Girly Style Wardrobe by Yoshiko Tsukiori. Most patterns area actually quite simple and comfortable and I’ve been enjoying the inspiration.



Thin quilting cotton will make it cool for summer



Loving this contrasting orange zipper!


Next came my sons outfit. He was not with us while shopping so I just guessed that a green strip (a newly favorite color) would work for him. This shirt is my own drafted shirt that has slowly been increasing in size over the years and will soon need a re-work. Another favorite detial of his were the different colored buttons.


The neck binding and a few other details were in the same bunny fabric.20170409_15112020170409_151135

This pocket made the shirt a winner in his eyes.


As for myself I liked the violet flowers with birds. This fabric just cries spring to me. I pulled this out from a different Japanese sewing book by the same author; Stylish Dress Book . The women’s patterns do not translate as nicely into usable fashion and I wonder if the style is not quite mature enough. But there are still plenty of designs to try out and I enjoy sewing with this book still. There was not enough fabric to make the correct length so this dress sits a little awkwardly above the knee.


I enjoy this ruffle detail that I paired in green gingham. 20170414_102110


One more of these kiddos!20170416_144415(0)

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