A Visit From 1975 – Girls Jumper

Here we have a really fun pattern by Simplicity in 1975. Recently I found a nice collection of vintage patterns at the local thrift store and I excitedly tried them out. I found the style to be current and the fit is perfect. I’m so happy to have this in my stash!

Below is a little yellow corduroy print I had and a large floral lining that pairs well.20170918_09533220170918_084301(1)copy120170914_201040

This pattern only takes a single yard!! I can’t believe it and what a wonderful style for the first day of fall (rain). We immediately ran outside for a quick photo or two between rain showers. While so much of our country has been dealing with floods and disaster, our state has been swallowed by close to 30 wild fires so the whole of Oregon is rejoicing with this storm!

This was a perfect project to lift my spirits — simple, easy, and lovely.


Thanks for taking a look! I hope you all have a great week.



A Little Purple Dress


So I had good reason to sew up a new little outfit… our 12 year anniversary was a few weeks ago and we had a fun outing planned without kids! How fun to be us!

I made McCalls 7159, a pattern I planned to use for everyday dresses.


However, I was short material on my original pattern and improvised with this McCalls. It worked out well. A nice simple dress as I had anticipated.


This is a wrap around so it is a little flattering. Also a pleat in the back that gives lots of room for moving around. Overall this still feels very casual and I do wish I had made something a bit more fancy for my date.


And where did we go you may ask…the Circus of course!!

Cirque Du Soleil was in town and we absolutely loved it. Such a great time to reconnect on something fun.


Thanks for stopping by!


Eclipse Baby, Yeah!

So here we are at the solar eclipse 2017! There has been a lot of hype for our Oregon state as we are the first ones to get the show. I must have subconsciously known to hold off on this sewing project, because really — wolf’s with sunglasses…it’s too perfect!

20170821_085725This is McCall’s 6099 and I will say the pattern runs very wide so I’ll be cutting down the width in the next shirt. The wolf was so cute and a great ‘buy on a whim’ for a boy. Can you find the pocket? Probably not, it’s a green wolf on the left to help you out.

20170821_090039(0)I thought it would be fun to take photos during the eclipse so some of the pics were quite dark, whereas the sunny spots came out blurry as the camera tried to adjust itself. ( I guess I know for the next eclipse in 70 years).



It was pretty fun even though we stayed low key; snacks on the back patio, kids jumping around.



About 99% lunar eclipse here.


The birds (and kids) got real wild and loud up until it got dark-ish…then silence.


Overall a fun day for science exploring (explaining) and I’m happy to have made this souvenir for a boy who might remember this day in years to come!


An Autumn Frock

Every now and then I try something new and the outcome is wonderful! This is one of those projects.


I came back from a very long vacation feeling ready for our autumn routines. Having new fabric and supplies at hand I re-organized and browsed until I happened upon this combination (which I ran by some friends to be sure they worked well together).

I used a Simplicity pattern (which also has a matching doll pattern — too cute) and all the while wondered if the final dress would be a little country.


Somehow the floral and gold works quite well together and is just the perfect transition dress from summer into Autumn.

I love all the different angles on this dress.





The details on this dress is where all the work went in. The collar, tiny pockets, flutter sleeves, buttons, elastic, three tiers of skirt… it just went on and on, so I gave myself lots of time to sew it up (3 days) and just enjoyed the process.

The twirl factor on this dress is appreciated by my daughter; although she was a little disappointed by the lack of pockets…




Overall this was a winner!

More Details:

Simplicity D0684  (optional doll size which I purchased for later years)

Top Fabric: gold/yellow cotton-poly mix  $2 yrd at the market

Skirt Fabric: floral hand-me-down that couldn’t find a home  Free


Thanks for taking a look!!






On Holiday — May Shop ‘Till I Drop

My summer holiday is always in California, my home state. This means I know EXACTLY the places to go and the things to do. One much loved activity is going to the flea markets. My kids are forced to fill their backpacks with toys until they cry out “No more toys mommy!”.

However they are not the only ones who shop. It is a chamce for me to stock up on much needed sewing supplies. Here is a shop I visited.

Lots of thread to last me through…. eternity!?!

A few knits: $1 & $2 a yard

Cotton polly blends: $2 yard 

(anyone else hate spending top dollar for solids?)

I am a bit out of room so this is all I’m allowing myself for now.

In all about 20 yards of new fabric, I’m all set for the upcoming fall/winter.

Hope your season is as fruitful. Take care


Draped in Indigo

Hello again. This is a quick little post about a super cute top for this girl…she is so easy to sew for I never quite run out of projects for her since there is always a remnant of some sort or another.

This indigo fabric was hand dyed by yours truly as a gift from some pretty terrific friends. I was given an experience for my birthday of getting familiar with this fantastic process. I learned so much! I brought just a tiny bit of my own fabric to be able to get some extra sewing material out of the gig and this top was ALL I could squeeze out of it.

It’s just a simple self drafted top with a button hole in the back to give a sturdy place to tie from. Easy-Peasey. I’ll let the pictures say the rest!

Thanks for stopping by!  Laura

Them Denim Jeans!!

Finally I have reached the top my sewing mountain! Denim Jeans — are you kidding me?

First off, denim…who isn’t a little afraid every time they change out a needle for heavy duty denim. I always say a silent apology to my sewing machine in case it’s too much to handle. Secondly, how many years have I been looking for a good pattern to comfortably cover the rear end.

Well after trying and alterating a pair of tester pants a while ago (last year maybe…oops); I finally got the courage to try again in a dark wash, slightly stretch denim (because who can say no when fabric is $7 in this great color).




I love these jeans, they fit great, feel great and nobody even knows they didn’t come from a store. These are from Amazing Fit pattern by simplicity 1696 , I did the size 14 in curvy and only needed to add slightly more room in the seat and adjust height by an inch or two. Perfect. I love that now I have a pattern I can just go to — until of course I lose or gain any weight. But for now, I will spur myself on to do at least another one or two.


For the details I liked the idea of bright blue thread (bright blue matching zip) and this was my last remaining button snap.


For the pocket details I had a remnant of cheery yellow flowers and I ditched the fake welt for a real and actual back pocket that fits my phone. Unfortunately, creativity was no where to be found when I came up with a snowflake design…but oh well, sometimes you’re in a hurry to finish and wear!




Just your average pair of jeans that I am in love with…

Thanks for taking a look.