A Cape To Run With

I can sometimes see the project I will make and over the days I will design and change things all in my mind. This cape was definitely one of those projects.

This darling was meant to be a real garment whether picking pine cones in the park or adding just one more layer on a cold winter day. I hope it is loved!


I drafted this cape — shall we call it a caplet since it is so small and precious — after looking online and sensing there was not much past super heroes. I knew what I wanted; a place for arms should she need them (duh, always), a small cape where the kid is not drowning in material, and a collar to pull us away from little red riding hood.


I LOVE this caplet!! It is adorable and almost practical. It is hard to resist children in a bold red such as this.

My daughter, however disagrees with me. I could see in her eyes this would never pass her practical side (thanks husband for passing along that gene). That’s ok, it’s not for her!


This is 100% pure wool and the color is just as brilliant as you can see in the pictures.

I set off with a back width length of 17″ and the sideseam to sideseam measurement 36″ at the hem. I made one pattern piece for the front and the back. I did not cut out a complete half circle (way to cumbersome for preschoolers), but instead curved the side seam down.

Thanks for taking a look.



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