Summer Tops For Girls

When Spring hits the birds chirp and the sewing machines whir…

2018-03-20 02.15.25 1.jpg2018-03-20 02.15.24 1.jpg

I have a self drafted pattern that I love to use for my preschooler’s summer wardrobe. It’s roomy and light, with a super easy elastic neck (shirring – MadeByRae has a great tutorial) so that she dress herself without me needing to fix things; which we both love!

This is a design I could never purchase at a store and since she must wear an undershirt, always, it’s essential I make her comfortable during the high heat months. The width is not only super cute on my short stack, but allows a nice breeze to cool her off. When the temperature dips as it sometimes does, these are pretty easy to layer also!

Now that I think of it, a ruffle sleeve would be super helpful to prevent shoulder burn…

Here are a few styled.

2018-03-19 05.19.21 1.jpg2018-03-19 05.19.17 2.jpg2018-03-19 05.19.19 1.jpg

What are your spring sewing plans??

Until Next Time,