A Welsh Man’s Aura Is Plaid

Here is my other half, and finally he has his turn. Plaid flannel was requested and the pictures tell the story of why…

A Welsh man who calls the damp forests of Oregon home– these colors were exactly right for him as he blends into the Pacific Northwest.


This was the hardest sewing project I have undertaken…

I spent a week or more on his coat — 3 days to draft the pattern; 2 days to make a few practice runs; 2 days to quilt the flannel to the batting; and another 4 days to sew it up. I called upon all my sewing knowledge to finish off these details and it fits great with 3 warm layers.





A zipper front, cuffs, welt pockets and a roomy pleat to allow him to move were all requested. I loved making this coat, but I REALLY loved finishing it!!




It’s fully lined in black and is the fluffiest coat in the world…while still conveying manliness.

It hasn’t been terribly cold yet but I have seen it already come out of the closet a few times so I know it’s a winner. And while it doesn’t match my son’s jacket, it is a nice adult version in style.

What are your favorite winter sewing projects?

Thanks for taking a look.