St. Patrick’s Day Color

I have been working on a very big project the last few months; so in between hectic hours I sewed up a few festive outfits for my kids. We just love celebrating the holidays as they come month by month and there really is something special about over doing it!!


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My son got this really bright and fun shamrock’s & rainbows and he loves it.  McCalls M6099

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My daughter was with me when we picked out the fabric and she fell in love with sparkly dogs. I love to let them embrace these fanciful colors while they’re young…I know it won’t last forever…

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I find it increasingly difficult to photograph the 4 year old so none of her in the dress but it is a vintage Simplicity S7904 circa 1980’s I believe. Just a cute gathered dress with a bib.

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Next post I will reveal my big project. I love knowing that I still have this blog to show my personal makes. It just gives me a bit of fun to look forward too.

Until next time



Easter Colors & Outfits


Easter! I love the spring and all the excitement it holds for us during the warmer months. I ran to the nearby craft store and let my daughter pick her favorite fabric, then trying to coordinate colors for the boy and myself.

What a success it was! The whole day was filled with friends and family fun and the kids continue to pull out their bright clothes for everyday wear.

Lets start with this frilly dress! it came from a Japanese sewing pattern book called Girly Style Wardrobe by Yoshiko Tsukiori. Most patterns area actually quite simple and comfortable and I’ve been enjoying the inspiration.



Thin quilting cotton will make it cool for summer



Loving this contrasting orange zipper!


Next came my sons outfit. He was not with us while shopping so I just guessed that a green strip (a newly favorite color) would work for him. This shirt is my own drafted shirt that has slowly been increasing in size over the years and will soon need a re-work. Another favorite detial of his were the different colored buttons.


The neck binding and a few other details were in the same bunny fabric.20170409_15112020170409_151135

This pocket made the shirt a winner in his eyes.


As for myself I liked the violet flowers with birds. This fabric just cries spring to me. I pulled this out from a different Japanese sewing book by the same author; Stylish Dress Book . The women’s patterns do not translate as nicely into usable fashion and I wonder if the style is not quite mature enough. But there are still plenty of designs to try out and I enjoy sewing with this book still. There was not enough fabric to make the correct length so this dress sits a little awkwardly above the knee.


I enjoy this ruffle detail that I paired in green gingham. 20170414_102110


One more of these kiddos!20170416_144415(0)

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Spring Capsule

I’ve had my daughter on my mind lately so it seemed natural to sew a few things for her. It’s a promise toward spring; that through these murky few weeks will come a time of fun and happiness and fresh beginnings.


I picture her running through the grass or in a sprinkler…



I hope for these little clothes to be stained with Popsicle colors…




Her little hands holding a bag of bird seed in a dainty ruffled dress…

I purchased this little Japanese book and have felt so inspired. All the clothes above are from the patterns.


And delving into dance class had me pulling out some remnants to give her a one of a kind leotard, sewn with love as we brace for whats ahead.


Until next time…



A Few Extras!

I found myself with extra time and extra holiday fabric so I made a toddler tunic and boys shirt. Both kids like the comfort and ease of the clothes and the snowy trees can take them well into the winter.


The tunic is a mash up of this project A Very Pink Dress For Little Miss and a tunic I saw from Burda style. I loved the idea of pockets big enough to dump toys into. The back is pulled in with elastic and the tie is for show (the original tie feature was too hard to loosen up).


This shirt is our standard button up, however we love the ease of snaps. A rounded pocket was requested. These are both a hit in our house. Fabric from Joanne’s, during a 60% off sale. There is a fair amount of sparkle that the camera hasn’t shown.

We did get a few weeks of snow which has made for extra time spent indoors. We hope the holidays and Christmas finds you well!

Take care,


A Very Pink Dress For Little Miss

Making adult clothes is hard work so I did a quick little dress to cleanse the palette.

New Look S0957


I pulled these two fabrics hoping they would combine well; however I think they clash a little bit. This little pink dress feels very “Susie Homemaker 1955”.


I actually do love this pattern. It is loose and easy to wear, great for summer or layering in the Autumn. It has enough details to feel current. I attribute the apron feel to the fabric choice. My fault.


My daughter is happy with her new outfit. She loves pink and blue and pockets so its a crowd pleaser.

Thanks for popping in!!


The Wardrobe Of Babes


My helper finding her own voice through fabric


I sew. Sometimes I sew a lot. Needing a mental brake from the month of March we went shopping, just two girls roaming the isles…

And with spring flowers blooming on the drive to the store we decided on new wardrobes for the kids! A fresh start for when the warmer weather greets us.



My son asked for some button up shirts. He decided they are much more fun than T shirts…well he didn’t have to tell me twice! I made sure to include snaps or giant buttons for his little fingers.

I included 2 cartoon characters and 2 with more classic designs.



These were my first attempt at a collar and it turned out to be a simple process. The pattern is of my own design, it’s simple and comfy. (Did you notice spiderman is upside down, oops).

Now onto the girls clothes!


This twill is a bit thicker and makes great garment bottoms. Finding these on clearance made the pick a no brain-er.

1/3 yard of each was enough for toddler shorts.


My favorite part of the shopping trip was to pick out these soft cotton fabrics. They are just asking to be a breezy summer top.




This was my first attempt. Good length and with a little shirring on the front and back collar she is able to put it on over her head. The next few will have a normal shoulder (not sure what I was trying to do…) This was a quick sew.

You know when you take your kid somewhere and they fixate on one thing? Well that was the exact scenario of these pink, glittery owls. I couldn’t tell her no, so at $8 yrd I consented.


They turned out to be her absolute favorite piece of clothing…


I just love to make these kiddos clothes. Thanks for taking a look!

Are you a fair-weather sewer? Or do you create on the darker days?

Let me know in the comments!


Little Capes and Ponchos

“Let’s make little capes!” my sister in law said enthusiastically.

And what a great idea that had been, because it’s spring out here in the Northwest.  After researching online we settled on a free pattern by Fleece Fun, the Red Riding Hood Cape.


I started with the pattern and made a quick toille to check for fit. We planed on making about 3 or 4 of them so it was best to get sizing done right off the bat. It was clear that for a size 2-3 would need to be cut down significantly so I trimmed a bit of the pattern off, including the hood. WP_20160213_10_22_26_Pro

For my daughter I used this adorable linen with pink flowers and I lined it with a black knit for extra warmth.

Because it’s important to know your clients…I decided that arm holes were an absolute must. The only chance of my kids wearing these is if their curious hands are un-obscured!



When it came time to make one for my son I threw caution to the wind and simply cut everything large, no test fitting. His is a green fleece so all the flaws are undetectable.





He has armholes placed as well, and a little train patch to encourage him to wear it. He loves the big yellow buttons and it makes for good button practice for his fingers.


Overall they came out great and were a quick sew. However as the fabric flaps in the wind from their wild running and jumping they do look a bit more like regular ol’ ponchos…


Using the online patter to make a size 5, however I had already cut it shorter to fit a size 2-3. I’m not sure how accurate the original patter for a school aged kid.

Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy your outdoor parks.