Starting Cascade Handmade

I have been working on a handmade business and it’s been really fun! I’m going to quickly share some of the best and unexpected parts of starting a business.  However I have every intention of continuing this blog for my personal sewing projects and only want to share Cascade Handmade in this post.

I am in love with this image of rough and tumble kids running around in the woods with adventure packs!


I created four products and sewed them all up (about 50 items in all) and I’m finding that sewing in a sewing business is not the highest priority! Very unexpected. I used the heaviest canvas my machine could handle (10oz) and love how the sturdy attitude comes out in them.

Here is my handmade gear:

Little Things Pouch


Adventure Cap




Adventure Pack


It has been very exciting, but now the buzz is wearing off and I get to find my rhythm. I was surprised to find out that marketing is the biggest part of a start up. It is a fun thing to have to play on line for your job. There are so many outlets, Instagram, Blogs, Twitter & Website design – and I have been on a steep learning curve to figure out the different attitudes in each.

Flat lays have been a big part and I really enjoy bringing whimsy to my products; as well as learning photography and editing.

2018-03-19 05.19.11 2.jpg

2018-03-15 06.20.43 1.jpg

And the final thing was the incredibly tiring and rewarding weekend of photo shoots done by Anna Caitlin Photography


What an experience! If you’d like to poke around you can find me at 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my designs or if you’ve been through this yourself and want to chat, please leave a comment!! I love this community of sewers!

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Easter Colors & Outfits


Easter! I love the spring and all the excitement it holds for us during the warmer months. I ran to the nearby craft store and let my daughter pick her favorite fabric, then trying to coordinate colors for the boy and myself.

What a success it was! The whole day was filled with friends and family fun and the kids continue to pull out their bright clothes for everyday wear.

Lets start with this frilly dress! it came from a Japanese sewing pattern book called Girly Style Wardrobe by Yoshiko Tsukiori. Most patterns area actually quite simple and comfortable and I’ve been enjoying the inspiration.



Thin quilting cotton will make it cool for summer



Loving this contrasting orange zipper!


Next came my sons outfit. He was not with us while shopping so I just guessed that a green strip (a newly favorite color) would work for him. This shirt is my own drafted shirt that has slowly been increasing in size over the years and will soon need a re-work. Another favorite detial of his were the different colored buttons.


The neck binding and a few other details were in the same bunny fabric.20170409_15112020170409_151135

This pocket made the shirt a winner in his eyes.


As for myself I liked the violet flowers with birds. This fabric just cries spring to me. I pulled this out from a different Japanese sewing book by the same author; Stylish Dress Book . The women’s patterns do not translate as nicely into usable fashion and I wonder if the style is not quite mature enough. But there are still plenty of designs to try out and I enjoy sewing with this book still. There was not enough fabric to make the correct length so this dress sits a little awkwardly above the knee.


I enjoy this ruffle detail that I paired in green gingham. 20170414_102110


One more of these kiddos!20170416_144415(0)

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A Small Back Pack


I made a sturdy back pack to make the trek cross-country. I am pretty excited about this project. It is part of a self drafted pattern I’ve used a few times to try and get the kinks out.


There are 2 front pockets and a secret side pocket near the zipper. The inside is lined with hot pink buffalo plaid in order to stay true to the owners love of all things pink.

The outside is a a really cool denim by Nano Iro. I picked it up on a remnant table so it must have been from a collection a while ago.



The only thing to reconsider is ribbon cannot be substituted for actual webbing for the straps. I had to tie knots at the adjuster towards the end of the trip.

This is a great preschool back pack and I am considering making several to sell. We shall see.

Thanks for checking out my project!


A Few Extras!

I found myself with extra time and extra holiday fabric so I made a toddler tunic and boys shirt. Both kids like the comfort and ease of the clothes and the snowy trees can take them well into the winter.


The tunic is a mash up of this project A Very Pink Dress For Little Miss and a tunic I saw from Burda style. I loved the idea of pockets big enough to dump toys into. The back is pulled in with elastic and the tie is for show (the original tie feature was too hard to loosen up).


This shirt is our standard button up, however we love the ease of snaps. A rounded pocket was requested. These are both a hit in our house. Fabric from Joanne’s, during a 60% off sale. There is a fair amount of sparkle that the camera hasn’t shown.

We did get a few weeks of snow which has made for extra time spent indoors. We hope the holidays and Christmas finds you well!

Take care,


Expecting Sun Overalls

I came back from vacation with a renewed sense of creativity. It’s odd how we can grow from holding back sometimes.

When we arrived home I immediately organized my precious stash of fabric and circled it like a famished shark. I have recently acquired new material; some from the remnant piles of stores, a little from homes being cleaned out for rentals or selling, and some off the tarps of the flea market (my newest find was an entire bolt of blue fabric for $10!!…yes people were hounding my husband as he carried it around for me). This fresh blood, so to speak, has given all the cottons and knits colorfully folded a new vibrant feel. I plunged in .This was the result:

WP_20150426_11_31_01_ProWeirdly enough I made a template for this in one pattern piece…that’s right, these overalls are just one cut into the material. It is the longest, most misshaped pattern you’ve ever seen, but it worked. I paired a favorite pants pattern with the front and back shirt bodice, with loose measurements I made the straps extra long so they could fold on themselves to allow extra growth.

I did decide to make a lining. In hindsight I would have the lining extend almost to the crotch so that the awkward center seam does not irritate baby skin. I stitched the lining and overalls together at the waist in two rows and put a cute drawstring in for detail and because I didn’t know how loose it would be on her. A couple button holes worked perfect in the outer material to let the ribbon through. One other detail I put extra time into is a folded cuff, I think it adds a little charm since there is not a lot of visual design to this outfit.

Overall these came out great. I am taking into consideration that there were no fittings or clear cut way to do this; however that center seam is probably going to have me rethinking the top piece. This outfit will work for the season.

WP_20150426_18_27_55_Pro  WP_20150426_18_27_27_ProWP_20150426_11_30_52_Pro

What gives you a rush of inspiration?

Threads From The Past — Classic White

The third and final Threads From The Past is the classic white baby dress.


This project was not so much from, or inspired by, the past; however the tradition of the simple white baby dress goes back centuries. In fact, until very recently all young kids wore these slips going back so far into history that it coincided with adults wearing the same garments; case in point — the tunic. Enough history!


Small gathers and hand stitched binding around the neck

I was asked to make a simple white blessing gown and was a tad nervous to have an important dress requested of me; however I could not say no.

The story of where the material comes from brings all the reasons to make clothes by hand into sharp focus. 

The mother had received a very special white eyelet shirt as a wedding present from her own mother and she treasured this gift even though the fit was not right and never wore it. It sat and was toted around for 10 years, the cotton just as special as when it was received. When the woman became pregnant the shirt was pulled out once again with the excitement of new beginnings, however it was again adored but never worn. So finally, when faced with needing a special dress for her first baby on a very special day she remembered the white cotton in a dream and was happy it had been saved.

In honoring the beautiful and simple story we decided on a simple and classic pattern.

It came out great and I’m glad I could play a small roll in the celebration.


She is so delighted with herself!

So to tie in with my theme of Threads From the Past I found some family portraits with babies in white (just don’t ask me who they were!)


A baby of the Roy family


This little baby is held by my Grandmother, not sure of who she’s holding…

It’s a sweet way to wrap up this idea. And it gives a reminder to cherish what we have already.

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