Midi Top — A Change of Plans

I was really excited to try the style from McCalls 7115. It had a few really cute dress options and a romper to try. I dutifully did a test run on the army green material posted here: Muted May Colors; which the sizing ran quite large and I made a note to go down a size on the next version.

Unfortunately, the difference from size medium to a small is around 6 inches around the waist and I found I’d have to change my plans…


I kept the bodice it’s own piece and made it a shorter top than normal, but not quite a crop top, and let go of any idea the top would overlap in the center front. And there was no way to keep the bodice and shorts attached at this point, several inches would need to be added length wise, so I kept them as separates.


I used the hook and loop in place of buttons and I really kind of like the look. It is certainly unique in my closet.



This material was one I was saving for a very cool special piece and I am a little sad the original plan didn’t work out however; I do get this fun summer top, a romper for my daughter, and some funky new pajama bottoms (the remains of this romper project which shall remain un-blogged!)


The denim skirt I’m wearing is the Brumby Skirt knock off which has the best – far reaching pockets ever. And here is the McCalls photo stamp of the pattern.

th3158NN3WI am determined to try this again and get it right!!

Thanks for taking a look!