Expecting Sun Overalls

I came back from vacation with a renewed sense of creativity. It’s odd how we can grow from holding back sometimes.

When we arrived home I immediately organized my precious stash of fabric and circled it like a famished shark. I have recently acquired new material; some from the remnant piles of stores, a little from homes being cleaned out for rentals or selling, and some off the tarps of the flea market (my newest find was an entire bolt of blue fabric for $10!!…yes people were hounding my husband as he carried it around for me). This fresh blood, so to speak, has given all the cottons and knits colorfully folded a new vibrant feel. I plunged in .This was the result:

WP_20150426_11_31_01_ProWeirdly enough I made a template for this in one pattern piece…that’s right, these overalls are just one cut into the material. It is the longest, most misshaped pattern you’ve ever seen, but it worked. I paired a favorite pants pattern with the front and back shirt bodice, with loose measurements I made the straps extra long so they could fold on themselves to allow extra growth.

I did decide to make a lining. In hindsight I would have the lining extend almost to the crotch so that the awkward center seam does not irritate baby skin. I stitched the lining and overalls together at the waist in two rows and put a cute drawstring in for detail and because I didn’t know how loose it would be on her. A couple button holes worked perfect in the outer material to let the ribbon through. One other detail I put extra time into is a folded cuff, I think it adds a little charm since there is not a lot of visual design to this outfit.

Overall these came out great. I am taking into consideration that there were no fittings or clear cut way to do this; however that center seam is probably going to have me rethinking the top piece. This outfit will work for the season.

WP_20150426_18_27_55_Pro  WP_20150426_18_27_27_ProWP_20150426_11_30_52_Pro

What gives you a rush of inspiration?


Kids Clothes Week

Well I have been swept up by Kids Clothes Week this time around.  It had been nearly a week since I sat down to sew and suddenly I realized I could indulge, and so I did.  I started off with a shirt for my son which turned out at least 2 sizes too big. Whoops. He specifically asked for a circle pocket, silly kid. I made notes and fixed the sizing problems. I want to mention that I was very excited to know the week of sewing was to begin on Super Bowl Sunday…eventually I figured out I was a day off. No biggie.

I’ve been working diligently on my first for sale pattern and I’m in the final testing days. To check my progress I made a second shirt which turned out just perfect. I used a different fabric for the back yoke to add variety to his wardrobe, but perhaps I made the yoke to long; not bad for a test run though.


Now to focus on some girl clothes. Recently I asked for (demanded) some alone mom time on Sundays, just a couple hours to run errands in silence, this also gives valuable fun with Dad time into the weekly routine, back to my point, I found myself at The Bins and stumbled on this awful sweater that I could not put down. In case you are wondering, the bins is the name given to the giant goodwill warehouse where all the things that don’t sell or are broken end up; endless bins of junk and clothes in absolutely no order priced by the pound. Its a fun place to wander and watch people get manic over cart fulls of cast off clothes and shoes. These pants are the result of the sweater sleeves. They are very roomy and warm, I am just unsure if they will be itchy with the giant seams I left.

And finally this is the dress I have been thinking about for days. I think I love it. Its comfy and warm, and all the mess ups turned out wonderful, like for instance  when I ran out of remnant fabric for the sleeves and had to include a different thinner knit; it turns out that thinner grey knit gives just enough stretch to go over the head without needing a closure…whohoo! Also I opted for a clean straight bottom hem to finish up the project instead of the too fancy shenanigans I had originally cut. But next time I would do a lighter weight  knit so it falls a little nicer.


Well, I may have only one project left in me for a while and that is because I need to do another test run on the pattern.  I love to participate in this sew along and get inspired by everyone’s photos while sharing my own pictures.
Next week I will be starting a new series which I am very excited about.  More to come soon.


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What better time of year to feel the slow pull of transition in our lives than in the fall. Life plans are put on hold while other, more festive, plans take their place setting the pace for the next several months. On a personal level I’m relieved to have halted our relocation ideas for the winter, giving our family a chance to unwind from big ambition and now I find myself fully immersed with the idea of family feasts and making warm comfy clothes, blankets & homemade presents. I am also very excited to continue pattern making; I’m looking forward to diving into boy’s clothes and have future plans sprawled out on my work table!

As for actual tangible projects:

I finished my first quilt; it is so warm and has already been used almost every night in our family room. Dylan is here showing it off, although it is rather a busy design, it’s what fabric I had laying around.


I also finished off Kids Clothes Week with a pair of PJ’s for my son (which will be lasting several years given the amount of extra hem I used).

Boy it almost looks like I have a pumpkin for a son! He loves his cozy flannel jammies. They were self drafted, and of course I had cut everything before accurately measuring Dylan so even the neckline had to be pulled in a few inches. The baby is also scheduled to have new PJ’s so that everything is even.

I hope you are also feeling the pull of creativity and savoring the slower pace.

Winter Puddleduck

Here we are in the middle of October and boy are we feeling the chill in the air. I recently found the great community of Kids Clothes Week, in which everyone sews during the same week, and I had fun pairing Lilly’s outfit to a favorite storybook. We found Jemima Puddleduck in the bookshelf and easily put together an outfit. I call it Winter Puddleduck and we reversed the colors for fun (ok really because it is what we had). A bonnet was switched out for a pixie hat.

And of course hat was too small, so I pursued two more hats in hope that something would fit her wide head. And presto, the last two were both winners. ‘Room to grow’ is probably my favorite motto.

Here she is modeling the dress Apple Jumper, I invite you to try it out for free!! And now we are all set for Rain or Shine.

Thanks for visiting.

Short Pants — With Cuff

I have been thinking of this pair of pants for a while and I’m so happy it came together so easily. These pants are part of the Kids Clothes Week, Day 4, and I think they turned out splendid; exactly what I was hoping for to take my boy through summer into fall.



Who doesn’t love short pants on little boys, I know I do and I’m trying to bring them back!

These have a built in cuff with plaid accents. I made them for a size 4 but they may actually be closer to a 5. Materials were a lightweight denim and medium weight cotton for trim.

I found a nice tutorial to follow at Schwin and Schwin, but changed quite a bit. I only used a few pockets and shortened the pants. It was really helpful except that I cut out my template a little odd and had to butcher the top and bottom seam to get the crotch seam to line up. Not sure why that always happens.

One of my favorite parts of a sewing project are lining out details like pockets. And I’m particularly proud of this faux zipper.

Parts of this project were hard for me and pushed me past my boundaries (even though it is still an elastic waist), but it was so quick and I’m glad I did it. Sewing for boys can be fun too.

But Most Importantly – they seem to be comfortable and passed the 10 minute boy test. Good thing I reinforced everything!

They can’t All Be Winners

Garden Crawler Pants

Well I am a bit hesitant to post this tonight. I whipped up some pants this morning after finding a shirt that was no doubt hiding in my closet for fear of its life. I thought I could make these cute. I thought I could dress them up. Well, they can’t all be winners…

Sometimes you just have to go with it and let an ugly project be ugly.


And so the Garden Crawler Pants were born!


Also this is my first entry into the Kids Clothes Week. This is a great idea of sewing one hour a day for one week for your kids. Surly my daughter will enjoy these pants more without her mother chasing after her trying to keep her out of the dirt for fear of ruining them. And that’s important too.

Thanks for looking in!