The title comes from my son’s favorite joke…

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Space who?




There is a very important 5th birthday coming up at our house and I have been busy with all thoughts Solar System.

*Can a sand pit be a Lunar Landing?

* Can a plastic riding car be a foil wrapped Space Ship?

*Can I convince everyone party favors are Planets?


Clearly the party is for a boy and I wanted to make a simple little party favor the kids they could wear, but I was at a loss. What could I make? I knew there was an answer, and then I thought of it. Boy Space Bracelets!

I know everyone makes felt flowers and dolls and hair clips…but it’s time to represent the boys!!


I know these will be a hit because my hair ties disappear faster than a tidy bookshelf.

I was so excited I had these guys cut out within a couple hours. I won’t lie…it was a blast looking up fun symbols related to space expoloration. I am proud to have remembered star trek and NASA badges. I made a couple extra in case the adults feel compelled to steal some.

Reluctantly I embroidered all 10, mostly because I don’t have a glue gun and I didn’t want to wait until morning to find one. And after a few miss-haps trying to find/make a bracelet I just went with plain old elastic (but I did have to pick out about 3 meters of stitches first from previous fails). The elastic looks best out of everything I tried and it is most comfortable for the kid’s wrists.


I am pretty happy with these, now I just have to plan everything else. Should be a fun shin-dig!

Thanks for taking a look!