My Sunshine Top

The Akita again, from Seamwork.



I know I’ve done a lot from Seamwork lately; they really know how to market so they can dominate a persons wardrobe! I feel like I have to keep up with the 2 patterns a month because I paid for them. It’s very similar to the feeling I had while working at the video store to watch as many movies as possible.


I love this material. I was actually saving it for something special, maybe a blouse with a tie at the neckline, but fast forward 4 months later — I’m just eager to use it. I made a simple Akita shirt; it is such a fast project.

The fabric is quite a bit more orange/yellow than shown and it suits our rainy fall weather.


I paired it up with my Brumby skirt; which has become my favorite lately!

That is all for now.

Thanks for coming, Laura.



Two From Seamwork

Hello everyone,

I have a complete outfit to show you today! These are both from Seamwork magazine that I just subscribed to. It’s a fun way for me to try lots of simple patterns that are quick to sew up.

The first one is the Akita from Collette patterns.


I think I like it. Simple, easy to construct, fits well.

The odd thing about this pattern is there is only one pattern piece!! That means you can’t use it for one-direction fabrics. Also the instructions have a very odd idea about using bias tape along all seams. I tried it on the first one, but will be using my own ideas next time.


I will need to go up another size on the next one, to a 10.


The next pattern is Moji from the same Seamwork/Collette pattern company.


This is my second pair. The first was a disaster that cannot really be worn. I looked up how to do a Full Butt Adjustment and it helped tremendously. I do believe I need another small FBA because they run a little tight still. I am not sure if I will do another pair.


This picture shows my point although in all fairness there is 0% give in this grey material. Luckily I had purchased enough discount/trial fabric for 2 separate pants. I’m just not sure I am a fan of these on me. Also the tie waist does not seem to secure on my waist very well.



I will give the Akita Blouse another go. It’s comfortable and casual and a quick sew.

The Moji Pants I will have to pass on in the future. Not the pattern for my shape.


Thank you for stopping by and having a look.