On Holiday — May Shop ‘Till I Drop

My summer holiday is always in California, my home state. This means I know EXACTLY the places to go and the things to do. One much loved activity is going to the flea markets. My kids are forced to fill their backpacks with toys until they cry out “No more toys mommy!”.

However they are not the only ones who shop. It is a chamce for me to stock up on much needed sewing supplies. Here is a shop I visited.

Lots of thread to last me through…. eternity!?!

A few knits: $1 & $2 a yard

Cotton polly blends: $2 yard 

(anyone else hate spending top dollar for solids?)

I am a bit out of room so this is all I’m allowing myself for now.

In all about 20 yards of new fabric, I’m all set for the upcoming fall/winter.

Hope your season is as fruitful. Take care



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