Them Denim Jeans!!

Finally I have reached the top my sewing mountain! Denim Jeans — are you kidding me?

First off, denim…who isn’t a little afraid every time they change out a needle for heavy duty denim. I always say a silent apology to my sewing machine in case it’s too much to handle. Secondly, how many years have I been looking for a good pattern to comfortably cover the rear end.

Well after trying and alterating a pair of tester pants a while ago (last year maybe…oops); I finally got the courage to try again in a dark wash, slightly stretch denim (because who can say no when fabric is $7 in this great color).




I love these jeans, they fit great, feel great and nobody even knows they didn’t come from a store. These are from Amazing Fit pattern by simplicity 1696 , I did the size 14 in curvy and only needed to add slightly more room in the seat and adjust height by an inch or two. Perfect. I love that now I have a pattern I can just go to — until of course I lose or gain any weight. But for now, I will spur myself on to do at least another one or two.


For the details I liked the idea of bright blue thread (bright blue matching zip) and this was my last remaining button snap.


For the pocket details I had a remnant of cheery yellow flowers and I ditched the fake welt for a real and actual back pocket that fits my phone. Unfortunately, creativity was no where to be found when I came up with a snowflake design…but oh well, sometimes you’re in a hurry to finish and wear!




Just your average pair of jeans that I am in love with…

Thanks for taking a look.






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