Lullaby Gifts

I was quite excited to sew something for a new little baby that has just arrived. It’s been a while since I was able to make anything small. I went with a cozy little vest and a baby blanket.


Now I know the vest won’t fit for a while, about 9-12 months, but they have it for when she grows; and of course a simple flannel baby blanket with rainbows and birds is helpful right away.

The vest pattern is Little Kiwi Closet and I love the fit for kids.

This family has a few small white furry dogs and I couldn’t resist this fun faux-Sherpa material for the outer. This way the new babe will fit right in with the pack.

This family also loves birds so the button  keeps the whole present in theme with the blanket. I just love the delicate flowers for the lining. A perfect cozy and practical gift.



I love these semi-neutral colors, they are bright without screaming pink.


I hope these gifts are used and loved through all the games and lullaby’s to come .

Thanks for taking a look!





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