Easter Colors & Outfits


Easter! I love the spring and all the excitement it holds for us during the warmer months. I ran to the nearby craft store and let my daughter pick her favorite fabric, then trying to coordinate colors for the boy and myself.

What a success it was! The whole day was filled with friends and family fun and the kids continue to pull out their bright clothes for everyday wear.

Lets start with this frilly dress! it came from a Japanese sewing pattern book called Girly Style Wardrobe by Yoshiko Tsukiori. Most patterns area actually quite simple and comfortable and I’ve been enjoying the inspiration.



Thin quilting cotton will make it cool for summer



Loving this contrasting orange zipper!


Next came my sons outfit. He was not with us while shopping so I just guessed that a green strip (a newly favorite color) would work for him. This shirt is my own drafted shirt that has slowly been increasing in size over the years and will soon need a re-work. Another favorite detial of his were the different colored buttons.


The neck binding and a few other details were in the same bunny fabric.20170409_15112020170409_151135

This pocket made the shirt a winner in his eyes.


As for myself I liked the violet flowers with birds. This fabric just cries spring to me. I pulled this out from a different Japanese sewing book by the same author; Stylish Dress Book . The women’s patterns do not translate as nicely into usable fashion and I wonder if the style is not quite mature enough. But there are still plenty of designs to try out and I enjoy sewing with this book still. There was not enough fabric to make the correct length so this dress sits a little awkwardly above the knee.


I enjoy this ruffle detail that I paired in green gingham. 20170414_102110


One more of these kiddos!20170416_144415(0)

Thanks for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “Easter Colors & Outfits

  1. Heidi says:

    Lovely sewing as always. Love looking and what you make and the background always interests me as much as the clothes. I don’t know how you find the time. My two little ones don’t let me near my machine. Thanks for sharing

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