Self Drafted Weekend Bag

It’s important to treat yourself, to have a few special things that can spring up and remind you to smile. I thought a weekend bag may be the best thing for my spirits. I loved the idea of a bowling bag!


Its rounded in shape and very sturdy. I went without plans and made quite a large bag with plenty of pockets on the outside which is perfect for quickly stowing paperwork or snacks on a plane. I used a generic canvas paired with denim on the bottom which I’d already had. The dimensions seem to be around 13w X 18h.


I added pipping to break up the stripes, however it seems to get lost a bit.

My husband was kind enough to hint my bag resembles a diaper bag…

…Regardless I’ve decided to love it.


The most important thing is the burst of color and flowers on the inside. Each time I open this ugly duckling of a bag it makes me smile!

During construction I was a bit confused as to how to add the lining and decided to sew the top zipper portion (canvas & lining)ย all as one to the outside and hand stitch the rest of the lining once inside. There must be a simpler way but I couldn’t figure it out.



Inside pockets sort of drive me bananas so I only added these two. All other clothes and devices will just have to layer on top like a travel lasagna.


There you have it; a sturdy and spacious travel bag with a pretty surprise on the inside.

Thanks for stopping by!

Laura @ May Rose Sewing


2 thoughts on “Self Drafted Weekend Bag

  1. “Travel lasagna” has got to be the best phrase I’ve heard all week! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† I LOVE this bag, Laura! That floral pop on the inside is fantastic. But I wouldn’t say that the outside is ugly duckling-ish. Super duper cute.

  2. LubaBrenne says:

    I think this bag is simply fantastic! Love the combination of stripes and navy. Must have been a lot of work!

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