Felt Paper Dolls for the Long Ride

We had a big trip ahead of us, and I mean a really, really big trip. I knew in advance there would be hours to fill and much needed moments of zen.

Doesn’t it seem like dolls are a good way to re-center yourself…especially if you’re a little girl? And any doll worth having needs a home!


Peek A Boo surprises are the best.



Inside the two friends have a cozy place to sleep with a sheep (because her very favorite toy in the whole world is a lamb), and a dresser that holds all the clothes. It was important that everything possible be attached to prevent the pieces from missing.

The dolls are regular poly felt purchased by the sheet. While my brain worked pretty hard on the actual dolls I didn’t write down any details about their construction. However I recall I embroidered the faces before sewing anything together, the dolls are two sheets of felt with sturdy interfacing in the middle, and the hair was done last.


The clothes are backed with felt as well. The sticking capability is hardly there but we just played with them in our hands anyway so we just ended up holding the clothes on as we played.


I love the back heart balloon page! I wasn’t sure what to do here, but it just came together so well on a whim.

Actually there are a few heart details throughout this toy. One of the dolls has heart shaped cheeks. I wish I could tell more about the house, but it is just a variety of felt and cotton fabric remnants which I pieced together late at night.

This was a huge hit during those long plane rides. A couple great pins for inspiration are:

The Prudent Homemaker & Charlaanne


Another hit were some super easy Mr. Potato Heads.


I will admit that these are not as darling, BUT they are Oh So Fun!! I couldn’t help but make so many goofy faces. They are ridiculous and kept us busy.


I made too many pieces however that just means as they get lost it will still feel like a complete set!

I’ll leave you with one more face…for good measure.

Ta Ta For now!!



PS Lots more helpful projects from our trip to come soon!




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