A Splash of Magenta

How about a pair of magenta pants to bring some life into the wardrobe!


I finally tried the Amazing Fit pattern by simplicity 1696 that I’ve had for a year and I’ve got to say…Not Bad!

These are by far the best fitting pants I have ever made with little adjustments needed. But first lets answer that burning question — Why pink?

I had a large pile of white twill handed down from my Mom and decided to try dyeing for the first time. Needless to say my color choice of ‘Merlot’ turned out pink. But that’s OK. My handmade clothes gives me an extra degree of confidence and I enjoy the cheerfulness of these pants.

Next time I will pay more attention to back pocket detail as they are not quite lined up, and I’ve made notes to leave out the extra tapering of the legs; a slightly looser fit at the ankles will be more balanced. Also I placed the zipper fly backwards…ha, what silly joke I do to myself every time I have to put them on!

We all know fabric choice is important so next time I will go out to purchase a heavier fabric.


I’ll be trying this pattern again, hopefully in wool once I have it down perfectly!!

Thanks for taking a look.



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