The Misc. Projects

I have been very busy sewing this month; I made Halloween costumes weeks ago, pajama’s for several people, birthday presents, and a handful of uneventful tops for myself. I will get to posting most of these at some point, but for today I will share my uneventful tops. I like to think of these as perfect for days with lots of errands; something basic to replace T-shirts in my wardrobe, the work horses.


These are a simple raglan pattern that I found is a great outlet for all those low grade quilting cottons I acquired.



This was my 6 year old’s debut at taking photos and choreographing.

The next shirt was a refashion from my father in law’s button up shirt.


I followed the tutorial from this fabulous girl, Sparkably. It was so simple and took no time at all. The only hitch is that the arm is a little low so I will need to wear a cami with it, no biggie!



The placement of the darts were determined by the fact that I cut a hole in the fabric on accident. I was happy for the lucky hiding place! This piece feels very summertime to me so it may be a while before it gets any use.

That’s it for my non consequential garments this week. I cut out a cape tonight so hopefully I have something really fun to share with soon!!

Take care everyone.



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