Vibrant In Red



I was so pleased with my last shirt that I dove into another McCalls pattern (9147). Pretty quickly though I lost steam; and this blouse seemed to drag on in the last few steps. Reluctantly I placed the buttons and hemmed the bottom after looking at it for half the week.


I really like this shirt, but now I know to give myself a breather between same patterns projects. I don’t have a close up on the print, however I can tell you it is a lovely little flower in the most interesting color of red/orange that I found in the clearance section of Fabric Depot. It was $5 yrd  and I only needed about 2 1/4 yards.


Clearly my summer tan did not last a second longer than my trip to California…

Also notice my super cool glasses!! I’m still adjusting to new lenses but I like the look quite a bit.

Well, I will leave you with this very awkward gem…



Please enjoy your last bits of summer!! Thanks for looking.



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