Fall Digs

A new shirt for me! I had picked this material out specifically for myself a few months ago, anticipating the fall weather. And the rain did come, however only for a week and now it is warm again; a last farewell to summer…


I used the pattern McCalls 9147.

I think I am a fan of this pattern. FINALLY a nice classic design I really like while wearing. I have a a few more bundles of fabric that will be in the same style. It’s such a pleasure to sew with fabric you’ve picked out on a special trip.


I’m diggin’ the popped collar on this make. Living in the Northwest this would not be seen as an odd way to walk around…




The thing I like most about this style is the balance it gives my body with a touch of boxy sleeves.



It’s a comfy button up, perfect for Fall!

The only change I made was to sew up the sleeves instead of leaving them with an “underarm slit”. It was just too much drama for me. Overall a win!!

What are you most excited to sew this season?

Thanks for stopping in.



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