Brumby Skirt Knock-Off

I made a new skirt after coming back from vacation for nearly a month. I had left it on my sewing table, unable to do this one last project before heading to California for the month.


I have to admit that this is a knock off of a totally adorable indie pattern I had seen called the Brumby Skirt. I fell in love with it, however I didn’t want to buy a pattern before leaving, and although I feel really bad about taking the design from an independent pattern company; here it is.

I felt the construction would be fairly easy to do with just my own  wits. The material was also from the remnant section of a local fabric store, The Mill, so the total cost came to about $10.



It’s a dark denim however it is a light weight so I just barely was able to sew it on my machine without too many problems. I had liked the idea of seeing the hem lines with lighter thread (actually I wanted to use what I already had) but now the uneven stitch is a little more obvious. I still like it visible though; so no regrets.



I will need to raise it up toward my waistline more for a better fit; but I love this skirt and it is a perfect piece for fall.

Here is the inspiration pattern by Megan Nielson



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