A Peek At A Sewing Nook

Don’t you always wonder what other people use as their creative space?

I love to visit friends to get a peek at how they arrange their homes; it seems so fascinating to me and given the amount of decorating magazines and netflix home shows I would have to guess I am not the only person who loves to take a peek!


I recently decided to give my sewing machine a permanent place downstairs, right in the middle of the action. Directly off the kitchen is an awkward sized room that we’ve turned into a study / office area.

Notice the reupholstered chair from this post. It gets a lot of use.


I only have the sewing table so I added two sets of shelves above and that seems to take care of all my sewing accessories.The kids roll top art desk is also in here, although it is generally used to hide their crayons and stickers.


I have just enough space to do my work and put it away. The young kids know not to rummage through my sewing basket off to the right, so as long as things are tucked away my little creative place is left alone.

The secret of my sewing nook is accessibility rather than space.

WP_20160523_08_45_15_Pro - Copy


What are your needs in a creative space? Do you prefer the secluded grandeur of a room or shop? Do you like watch the creative muse flow in a less organized way?

I’d love to hear your thoughts or see your spaces!!


Thanks for swinging around and having a look-see,



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