Happy Birthday To Me

This dress actually is involved in two great holidays…

With mimosa’s in hand I spent Mother’s Day sewing up this pretty little dress. I would sit for a few minutes and play with the fabric at my machine, sipping away the day, letting my dear husband know when one of the kids needed his attention for whatever it is they usually need from me.

I definitely enjoyed making this dress and wearing it reminds me of that easy going morning, afternoon, and night where I shucked my responsibilities; a day I may not see again until next Mother’s Day.


Then I wore it again on my birthday, how fun to trot around town in the most comfortable and handmade clothes.


The skirt is a simple square length of fabric gathered around the waist. I tried to shape the hem a little like on a shirt dress. The top is quite a bit more rounded at the neck than I wanted but I don’t mind since it’s been hot outside. But the pockets are the best, perfect size and placement.  The draw string is just for show, I actually lined this baby with elastic!


My 33rd birthday ended up being so fun. There was party after party and I loved the attentions and cake!!


I look so much like my Grandma Agnes in these pictures, it must be the cute haircut

Here I am at lunch by the waterfront.

Thanks for taking a look!!!



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