A Quick Make Dress


I’m headed to a wedding this weekend. The last few days I’ve been wondering if I could squeeze in a quick dress on the sewing machine, but busy schedules pushed the idea further and further out.

Today (after the zoo) I sat down and hashed out the pattern and started in on cutting and sewing. I had it finished by dinner. I’m not sure how it came together so quickly, but it is perfect for a very hot outdoor wedding.


At a later date I’ll replace the tie belt with elastic because I always loose the belts. I think having a strong bodice pattern is essential for these low energy makes. It’s comfortable and I hardly had to fuse with the fit. There are no darts and no closures so it has a simple casual look. The skirt is two rectangles, gathered. There are pockets, however, they are a little  low — I actually have to bend down a little to reach the bottom, I love a giant hidden pocket!!

Well that is all for now. I shall be having a mini vacation in So Oregon without kids and a new dress. Happy Girl!!

Take care everyone.


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