Kids Summer Wears: Shorts


I have been neglecting my son for the last few projects because frankly, his drawers are crammed full of clothes. I find the little kids are a feast or famine for clothes; they have way too many until they have a growth spurt, then it’s a scramble to dress them again.

However the weather is turning warm so I just know we will have a need for 10 pairs of shorts…I can sense it! I had left over linen from this project and had just enough to squeeze out these shorts.


A silly thing I did was self draft the pattern at night while having a glass of wine while tired… So of course I screwed it up. I had to revise and make a seam on the side and had no seam allowance for it. Well, train track fabric saved the day — in fact the detail in now a favorite part for me. One side is blue tracks and the other side is green! The pockets are the most train-ly



The mental construction of these was tiring due to the extra side seam band and I did accidentally place one pocket in front of the tracks and the other side behind the tracks, but the 6 year old will never catch that!!



Next were a quick morning sew of more shorts for my daughter. She picked this fabric out of the remnant bin; pink does seem to be a genetic trait with her, but this material seems well balanced with the greys and reds.



I like the longer shorts so as to avoid scrapped knees whenever possible. Also toddlers scoot a lot on their bums so I like shorts loose and long. There are few photos of her because she never stops moving…ever.


Here’s one of the two of us.

Thanks for stopping in!







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