Reaching To The 80’s Dress

I was wandering through Joanne’s Fabrics when I stumbled upon this wild electric fabric. Instantly I recalled a beloved bicycle suit I owned as a 5 year old during the 80’s. I was gripped by my absolute love for these long forgotten spandex shorts.I couldn’t help myself, I had to have this neon material!!

In my weird attempt to relive life as a munchkin, I went for it:




I have to admit — it was cooler in my mind….hehehe. I still love it though. This will be great in the summer, especially if there are any date nights in some young trendy part of town.


Here is my favorite girl with a matching haircut. She could not stop jumping into my photos, silly little thing.

Here is my daughter taking creative license over the shoot. May I introduce you to Lamby and Super Baby .

I used a pattern, Mcalls 9022 and only had one change; increasing the neckline by about 4 inches. When trying it on it was way too low, below my bra, so I just added more material.


This was a fun and unexpected sew, completing it in just a day and a half. I’ll utilize this pattern a few more times I think.

Hope all your sewing projects are going according to plan!! Thanks for checking in.




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