Lovin These Spring Fabrics


This last two weeks I’ve been loving my new fabrics from Fabric Depot. This is a tank that I drafted up. It was a tedious task for me to get this basic bodice to fit right, but now I have a solid pattern I can turn to so it was worth the effort.

This cotton is so soft and I paired it with some pearl snap buttons.


I intended this to be without closures but I did my cutting while tired and forgot to cut on the fold; happy accident, I LOVE this shirt with the pearl snaps!!


This next outfit was unplanned, but so darn cute!!

The shorts are a longer version of a pattern I drafted for the kids and I love that it covers her knees for those extra wild days…say at a campground. A half yard of material in these cheery yellow birds did the trick.



Using the 1 yard top from the previous post I made a wonderful summer shirt for myself and had enough (If you can believe it!!!) for a matching daughter shirt. I am in love with this combo and can’t wait for the next picnic.



And finally a little skirt I was so excited about– that fell flat. It is under-whelming, but the neutral color has come in handy and I have worn it a few times already.

The back view: The waistband was too small for it to pull up over my back end and too big to fit comfortably without a little help so I opted for a side zipper to actually be able to wear it and a piece of elastic to help bring things in; and after all that effort it is still a little loose!

You never know what can happen…


The material was from Joanne’s and I do love the print.



My little sullen photo-bomber.



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