The One Yard Top

There was to be a sale…an EPIC SALE! I could hardly wait…


So there is this one fabric store that I mainly stay away from only because it is too amazing. There are 1000’s of yards tempting me to start 1000’s of different projects so I just steer clear. That is until they have a really good sale!!

I was not the only one banking on the deals as the cutting counter was already getting a huge line only 30 minutes after opening their doors.

What to choose?  Naturally, my over loaded brain decided quantity is best so I purchased 1 yard of my favorites, hoping to figure out the details later.

The One Yard Top:



I scoured pintrest trying to find an easy 1 yrd pattern, but I just kept going in circles. Finally I took out my roll of muslin and probably went through 5 yards trying to figure a good fit for a basic summer tank. I think I nailed it. The trim is done with double fold bias tape so that detail makes this shirt quick and easy to sew.





This sweet girl wants part of the photo fun.

I love the fit of this top and how it flows nicely with cotton material and the best part is there are no closures. This is a winner and will help me dress with a little more style than my worn out t-shirts. I’ll have a few more like this on the To-Do list.


My revelry is that I am always trying to purchase as little material as possible. This seems contrary to the notion of having enough material on hand; but I have found I’m more creative when there is fabric shortcomings or a hasty clip of scissors. One day this kind of thinking will get me in trouble, I know this, but for now it’s a fun way to sew.

What are your sewing guilty pleasures? Does anyone else self sabotage their plans? Thanks for checking out my project!



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