Summer Digs

Who doesn’t want a new summer outfit the second they see the sun come out after a long and dreary winter!! I jumped into action excited to fulfill my goal of more clothes for me. After all my birthday is around the corner… I deserve it!


Esme Top —IMG_20160402_091918115

Another Esme Top since it is so fresh in my mind, (see previous post here). I went down to a size 6 (ego boost bonus) and what a great difference that made. I no longer feel like I’m drowning in too much material, but it is a nice compromise between good fit and loose. I found this cute fabric at Joanne’s and it was made in USA which is rare in a big store so I had to have it.

Lately I have been picking up these big floral prints (or as my mom likes to call it “table cloth”), but it works for spring.


Back view — nothing much to report here.

Simplicity Pants —IMG_20160402_091912254

Next up are some pants I made. I made these once before in This Post. These are  little hard to see, but it is a dark blue linen/rayon blend. Since my first toile I have take out all pleats and shifted things around to suit my body better. These are super comfortable because of an elastic waistband (I can get away with it because I don’t work). I like the fit they are again loose and prefect for most things I do; easy to hike in, do household chores, or play on the floor.

So there you have it. I will be doing another pair of pants. It is wonderful to put on something NOT JEANS.


Thanks for taking a look!



4 thoughts on “Summer Digs

  1. You look fabulous Laura!! I love the clothes you make. The fabric you used for the shirt is gorgeous and so summery. And I totally agree with the jeans comment. It is SO nice to put on a pair of pants that isn’t jeans, but that’s comfortable and fashionable. That’s what all moms of littles need.

    • Ah, thanks Wendy! I’m just tired of feeling like a stuffed sausage…hahaha. It’s my own personal goal.
      Hey I can never find your new blog! If you still post with the family give me the web address please. 🙂 I love to keep up with your adventures.

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