A New Shirt – Esme Top

In the back of my mind are thoughts of a new wardrobe for myself. One where the clothes I have are intentional and good quality.

Sewing for yourself is a different experience; things need to look good and have nice finishes — an improper fit looks sloppy. Well I have begun some selfish sewing with a new pattern.

I tried The Esme Top from Sew Liberated. This is a green cotton fabric with good medium weight.


I wanted something without buttons or zippers or the need to be ironed because lets face it, there are days when I don’t even get to look in the mirror. I want effortless and comfort. (And maybe that’s too much to ask).



I liked this pattern. It fits over the head (the buttons are for show on my shirt); However this pattern runs very large. I took in the side seems about 2 inches and that helps but next time I will go down 2 sizes; from a size 10 (shown here) to a size 6 with minimal side seam in-take. I am hoping the next one I try will not look so heavy.


But overall it is very comfortable. This pattern hits on a lot of my criteria: easy to put on, loose fitting (so I don’t have to suck it in when I sit on the floor at story time), and it’s long enough to cover my waist (another sit on the floor must have).

I have another 2 shirts planned for this pattern. I think once it’s dialed in I will love this style, especially with summer around the corner.


And to add another Pint-Sized project, this is one my son designed and help make (Cutting fabric).


You guessed it, a stuffed animal sleeping bag.



He was very excited to play with my sewing tools (supervised), and make his own toys.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!




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