The Wardrobe Of Babes


My helper finding her own voice through fabric


I sew. Sometimes I sew a lot. Needing a mental brake from the month of March we went shopping, just two girls roaming the isles…

And with spring flowers blooming on the drive to the store we decided on new wardrobes for the kids! A fresh start for when the warmer weather greets us.



My son asked for some button up shirts. He decided they are much more fun than T shirts…well he didn’t have to tell me twice! I made sure to include snaps or giant buttons for his little fingers.

I included 2 cartoon characters and 2 with more classic designs.



These were my first attempt at a collar and it turned out to be a simple process. The pattern is of my own design, it’s simple and comfy. (Did you notice spiderman is upside down, oops).

Now onto the girls clothes!


This twill is a bit thicker and makes great garment bottoms. Finding these on clearance made the pick a no brain-er.

1/3 yard of each was enough for toddler shorts.


My favorite part of the shopping trip was to pick out these soft cotton fabrics. They are just asking to be a breezy summer top.




This was my first attempt. Good length and with a little shirring on the front and back collar she is able to put it on over her head. The next few will have a normal shoulder (not sure what I was trying to do…) This was a quick sew.

You know when you take your kid somewhere and they fixate on one thing? Well that was the exact scenario of these pink, glittery owls. I couldn’t tell her no, so at $8 yrd I consented.


They turned out to be her absolute favorite piece of clothing…


I just love to make these kiddos clothes. Thanks for taking a look!

Are you a fair-weather sewer? Or do you create on the darker days?

Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “The Wardrobe Of Babes

  1. ~A says:

    Lovely work, my dear~!

    I particularly like that darling floral pattern you chose for your daughters shirt. And, the shirred neckline is genius, by the way.

    I sew in any weather. I sew to get away, or make dreams come true. 😏 I sew while watching movies, or listening to books. I have a set time for reading…


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