Little Capes and Ponchos

“Let’s make little capes!” my sister in law said enthusiastically.

And what a great idea that had been, because it’s spring out here in the Northwest.  After researching online we settled on a free pattern by Fleece Fun, the Red Riding Hood Cape.


I started with the pattern and made a quick toille to check for fit. We planed on making about 3 or 4 of them so it was best to get sizing done right off the bat. It was clear that for a size 2-3 would need to be cut down significantly so I trimmed a bit of the pattern off, including the hood. WP_20160213_10_22_26_Pro

For my daughter I used this adorable linen with pink flowers and I lined it with a black knit for extra warmth.

Because it’s important to know your clients…I decided that arm holes were an absolute must. The only chance of my kids wearing these is if their curious hands are un-obscured!



When it came time to make one for my son I threw caution to the wind and simply cut everything large, no test fitting. His is a green fleece so all the flaws are undetectable.





He has armholes placed as well, and a little train patch to encourage him to wear it. He loves the big yellow buttons and it makes for good button practice for his fingers.


Overall they came out great and were a quick sew. However as the fabric flaps in the wind from their wild running and jumping they do look a bit more like regular ol’ ponchos…


Using the online patter to make a size 5, however I had already cut it shorter to fit a size 2-3. I’m not sure how accurate the original patter for a school aged kid.

Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy your outdoor parks.


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