A Spring Coat

A while ago I decided I could make a coat; especially when the pattern was on sale for $2! The pattern sat tucked away, waiting for when there is more time and energy… and courage. Then one afternoon I found myself alone browsing a nearby fabric store, The Mill’s End, and I recalled the coat. Having to guess at the preferred fabric and the amount needed, I purchased 2.5 yards of heavy cotton (washable!).


I picked this, thinking at the time it was heavy enough and I could wash it being cotton and the color seemed outside my normal preference. In hindsight tells the color is not for me, but I will love this coat anyway!



Look at the attitude! What a coat! I just BARELY had enough fabric.

IMG_20160117_101822454_HDR (1)

The process of making this coat gave me a 3 day headache. It seemed like too much process and I never understood what I was doing until I finished the step — and weirdly enough it turned out just fine! I had to just blindly follow the instructions and trust in McCalls. Fantastic.


The lining was made from 2 kinds of fabric in my stash (see other stash busting in previous post), both add to the weight of this 5 lbs coat . I’m OK with it being hodgepodge. Perhaps it is more endearing this way…


There were only a few tips I marked down for the next coat (such as the sleeves were insanely wide and too long, needs buttons). Also I made it a few sizes too big so I wondered if I could get it to shrink; after making this garment I washed it and the whole thing shrunk 2 inches in every direction! Now it fits great. I had to tack up the lining since that did not shrink. Overall I have a much better idea of the work that goes into a coat which is about a week; a few days to sew and a few days to moll over the confusing portions.

I will probably make another one.


Thanks for taking a look!


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