Stash Busting

In my former years the title ‘Stash Busting’ may have meant something else entirely, but today I find myself fully immersed in the sewing world; it’s my way of stealing a few moments here and there for myself. However when I gaze into my fabric collection I am not swept away by inspiration, instead I’m agitated by the same old tired fabric that I’ve had for years. There is an odd mixture of fabric designs coming mostly from family donations, remnant sales, or ‘out of this world’ bargains.

So I decided to use it! In a mad dash I have worked through about 10 yards in only a few days.  Hooray for me!


The most obvious thing in the world to me are pillow cases. You don’t even have to measure anything as long as you know its a yard. I eyeballed it and made a few for the kids.



Next was a shirt for myself. This came out completely different than intended (since the pattern was clearly intended for a slim figure).



It should have been a cute 1940’s style top with darts bringing in the bottom front and back. To be fair its a really nice idea, but just not for me. So the front darts came out and I had to sew in the sides a bit to take a a little bagginess.1692

Actually I think I like the shirt, it’s just different. I added a pocket to diminish the ‘table cloth vibe’ from the shirt. It’s a bit hard to get in and out of with the small shoulder buttons, but I think I’ll wear it enough. Also I added an extra band to the waist to help the length feel better for those times I sit with my daughter during story time.



I’d love to hear any favorite ways to get through your unwanted fabric.


3 thoughts on “Stash Busting

  1. I do like the buttons on the shoulder. I found a pattern online for some zipper coin purses and used up a bunch of my scraps to make them. I purchased the zippers in bulk on Amazon and they were cheap. This made a wonderful item. I gave them as gifts as well as made a donation of them. In all I made over 200. I used up a bunch of my fabric stash for those projects.

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