Christmas Goodies


The holiday season brought on a surge of sewing enthusiasm for me. I basked in far too many opportunities to make some Christmas Goodies. Here are some that I caught on camera before giving them away as presents.


Some of my favorite toddlers received reversible bags; and in a hurry to fill the bag with something I made a few sleepy moons (the hats attached with ribbon). Also a birthday had me trying my hand at a “mug rug” and it turned out far better than I would have thought.WP_20151224_16_05_59_Pro



My son was jealous of the moons and wanted a stuffed toy so spider man was made, but then my daughter wanted one too, ‘OK’ I thought, ‘one more stuffed doll’.

WP_20151224_16_04_46_ProPajamas for Christmas Eve.

And as a last minute gift some small reindeer left for the kids and a new fabulous way to create ornaments using the increasingly popular laser cut decorations and some wallet sized photos. I love how these turned out and will make them every year.

I hope your new year is grand!


One thought on “Christmas Goodies

  1. I love your mug rug and moons. I admire your passion for sewing clothes. I just can’t seem to get as enthusiastic about clothes as I do other types of projects and quilting. Thanks for the like on my latest post!

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