We are in the final days of November and I am feeling a wealth of thankfulness for family, friends and life’s good fortunes. We celebrated in a marvelous way, gathered in a warm house with delicious food prepared by everyone’s helping hands.

Here is a quick photo of the only thing I made for the holiday.

Both the grey linen and school girl fabrics are remnants combined to make 1 whole dress. I swung the button closure over to the left and trimmed with lace so that this little detail was highlighted. The collar was a discard from a project last year.

The little pink jacket is also homemade, but the seamstress is a mystery. I saved this darling coat from an awful fate; it was unwanted and unsaleable at the bottom of a thrift store bin.

This was an instance where the dress was conjured up almost instantly in my mind and made wholly from scrapes and mismatched materials…and I love how it turned out!


Thanks for taking a look at our little dressed up world.




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