School Day Applique

Are you looking to add some flare to School Shirts?

Are you looking to have something original?

Are you mystified by the price tag for clothes that will be ripped, dirtied, and outgrown in only a few short months?



It’s Back To School Shopping Time!  And with it comes shopping…

My dear Mom gave me the idea of applique, of course she was thinking in the context of quilting and she explained the method of perfect execution; but I had to change things a bit. My shapes were irregular and small. I went with Heat & Bond which I’d never tried and it worked well. Easy to cut and iron, however I still needed to sew down the edges. Not rocket science, but it was a bit tedious.


My husband & I enjoyed picking the designs.

It was easy enough and having purchased plain shirts at a craft store ($2-$3 for each shirt), it was an economic way to go!

WP_20150714_14_15_12_Pro WP_20150714_14_16_05_Pro

Ok, well maybe its a little early, but I had to do our shopping now because of trips in a few weeks and I had noticed that a lot supplies were already gone. Also I was determined to put a stamp on at least some of my sons clothes, because as he gets older it’s harder to slip in handmade items.




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