I Heart My Chest-Protector

As I watch my daughter run and climb and charge blindly into a baseball bat or toward feet from a tire swing I feel it may be time to rethink her sports clothes. My daughter is a very unique girl; of course all children are special, but she in particular has a little vulnerability about her chest. It makes my husband and I a little nervous sometimes as the world constantly throws blunt objects in the way of toddlers…


My plan was simply to give a little extra protection, but still be flexible and safe against her skin. My first thought was to visit sports stores which was not very helpful. A search on the internet came up with the same empty unhelpful results. We came up with a small chest protector that could fit inside a pocket which she can’t get to.


I hand sewed 3 layers: 2 pieces of rubber/foam (from a thin yoga mat) with canvas, or duck cloth, in between.


It works great for our purposes and she doesn’t even know its there, and I feel a much more relieved knowing that as she grows and her body changes we are able to help keep her safe.


This post is in no way intended to give medical advice to others, just to show how our household was able to solve a very unique issue. Always check with your doctor is you have concerns about your children.


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