Just A Pair For The Mom In Me

I was given some material by my mother in law; I believe they were found while cleaning out the garage. I knew immediately they wanted to be a pair of pants…

WP_20150603_19_33_29_Pro WP_20150603_19_33_51_Pro WP_20150603_19_33_56_Pro WP_20150603_19_34_19_Pro

This was a simplicity pattern. The first pair (made in cheaper fabric) fit like the worse kind of huge hospital pants. I hacked the pattern to pieces and just tried not to wince or look back… I think it paid off big time.

For some odd reason my hips are size 16 but my legs are an 8…?.. who knows. I also took out the horrible pleats and trimmed up the back end. These also have pockets so now with a comfy fit  and flat front (elastic waist…heck yes!) I have a new favorite pair of pants. I love that this print forces me to be more brave in pants fashion.

Thanks for checking out my selfish sew. Have a nice weekend!


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