Lord Of The Rings: A Ring Bearer Outfit

My son is going to be a ring bearer. His Uncle requested a Lord of the Rings tribute at his upcoming wedding and I was happy to oblige! This is what he will wear:


Lord of the Rings Bearer

Here are a few details:

WP_20150513_09_27_36_Pro WP_20150513_19_53_54_Pro WP_20150513_19_54_26_Pro WP_20150608_13_35_48_Pro

I just jumped in and started sewing. Sometimes thinking things through make me stressed out so I just allowed it to mull around in the back of my mind a few days then sat down with material and scissors. The only scary moment was after cutting the vest I had a huge square missing from a front panel, but it turned happy accident when I realized a lower neck line looked great. Everything is polyester so it won’t wrinkle during traveling. I did not make the white shirt however.

WP_20150513_19_53_51_Pro WP_20150608_13_34_32_Pro

I think it turned out great, its a subtle outfit without the cape so I will leave it up to the bride how LOTR they want to go.

Next up is my daughters dress (no theme).

Happy sewing!


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