Space Party!! Giving a handmade touch on parties

Dylan NEEDED a Space Party. He NEEDED a Jupiter cake he pleaded. So  we had a space party featuring his favorite most beloved planet…Jupiter. I will try my hardest to refrain from space facts (did you know Jupiter is the largest planet?)

I made party favors out of felt, boy space bracelets mind you. More details in this earlier post.


I also couldn’t refuse another plea to have matching brother sister space shirts. These red shirts were on sale for $2 each. They were the same size so I had to sew in the sides for my daughter. Then some simple fabric puffy paint to make the designs.



Part of his present was a very spacey pajama set that I noticed last minute….it was a stretch to get this wrapped in time!


20150419_083533 The next morning with his bounty

Then there were the snacks, I think I may have had the most fun naming all the food.


And there was this fantastic painting of Jupiter his Aunt made just above. Games were simple; coloring, finding “aliens” which were rocks I had painted and glued eyes too earlier, and playing with flags in the sand pit, nick-named Jupiter Landing Site. This party was lots of prep work but fun to enjoy once the day came around.


WP_20150525_07_39_09_ProThanks for taking a look!


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