A Festive Spring — Mothers Day

The spring brings infinite reasons to celebrate. The sun peeks out and the days warm up, teasing us with the notion of summer. In my family particularly we have enough festivities to get us energized for the rest of the year– birthdays, reunions and this year a wedding.

The excitement of an impending party always seems to translate into creative inspiration. I feel a mad dash to add a little something for a more personal touch at the event. And perhaps our ideas of the clothes and decorations transform too…

CAM01164 - Copy

A girl in her new party dress helping Mama with bunting for a wedding – 2014

The pride of having completed a project mingles with the joy of celebration and suddenly the flaws and misshaped hem disappears into the background, where it belongs. We show off our creations while immersed in the excitement of a party; good cheer and compliments weave into our sense of fabric and design. A specially sewn party dress in the closet brings back a legendary get together with friends, or maybe a romantic evening. and we all know the effects of stumbling across a baby blanket,whether your own or made for someone else.

I wonder if the things we make in an exhilarated rush are favored more…

IMG_20150510_172933444 1

IMG_20150510_172941830 1

Since its my birthday month (Hello 32nd year) I’m going to summarize all the best sewing and handmade items that go into our parties in the next couple posts. To kick off, lets start with Mothers Day!

Earlier in the week I decided to celebrate “Me” with a new dress. I wanted something comfortable and obviously I HAD to use the massive roll of blue fabric I just got at the flea market, (the whole family will be wearing blue clothes for years…make that decades). But the dress looked plain as it was a basic Simplicity pattern in a princess style, so I declared every mom really just wants big pockets. Viola!

IMG_20150510_172921159_HDR IMG_20150510_172900034 1

This dress makes me happy and I think it was just in time for Me Made May, which works perfect!

My son really wanted to use the foot petal on the sewing machine one morning just before mothers day, so I let him give it a go and he was really good at listening to my instructions. We decided it was time for a project.

He was going to make Grandma a pillow. After choosing fabric and a heart shape he completed all the steps to making a small keepsake pillow. He loved controlling the sewing machine speed as I moved the fabric around for him.


One of the final steps was to write his initials on a special rock and place it in the pillow. He put a lot of effort and thought into his homemade gift.


We all had a great day filled with family and good food. All the moms got the day off for the most part and it feels wonderful to be appreciated and surrounded by those we love. I hope all of you had just as nice of a day.

Thanks for stopping by!


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