Threads From The Past — Classic White

The third and final Threads From The Past is the classic white baby dress.


This project was not so much from, or inspired by, the past; however the tradition of the simple white baby dress goes back centuries. In fact, until very recently all young kids wore these slips going back so far into history that it coincided with adults wearing the same garments; case in point — the tunic. Enough history!


Small gathers and hand stitched binding around the neck

I was asked to make a simple white blessing gown and was a tad nervous to have an important dress requested of me; however I could not say no.

The story of where the material comes from brings all the reasons to make clothes by hand into sharp focus. 

The mother had received a very special white eyelet shirt as a wedding present from her own mother and she treasured this gift even though the fit was not right and never wore it. It sat and was toted around for 10 years, the cotton just as special as when it was received. When the woman became pregnant the shirt was pulled out once again with the excitement of new beginnings, however it was again adored but never worn. So finally, when faced with needing a special dress for her first baby on a very special day she remembered the white cotton in a dream and was happy it had been saved.

In honoring the beautiful and simple story we decided on a simple and classic pattern.

It came out great and I’m glad I could play a small roll in the celebration.


She is so delighted with herself!

So to tie in with my theme of Threads From the Past I found some family portraits with babies in white (just don’t ask me who they were!)


A baby of the Roy family


This little baby is held by my Grandmother, not sure of who she’s holding…

It’s a sweet way to wrap up this idea. And it gives a reminder to cherish what we have already.

Thanks for stopping by.

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