Historical Threads From The Past – Recreating Clothes & Attitudes From Old Photos

The second post for Threads from the Past has a historical twist. I loved this old photo from my town, with kids 100 years ago standing in front of a camera for an uncomfortable class picture. It’s nice to know some things don’t change! I can remember all those years cramming next to classmates unsure if it was worth the trouble to miss an hour of work. My son even recreated the expression pretty accurately; attitude courtesy of an almost 5 year old.

Knickers / Short Pants

So here is the comparison:

So I decided I HAD to make some short pants…I may have a semi obsession because I continue to revisit this idea every year or so. I tried a few different versions and felt as though I had failed until I pulled up the original photo, and I think I did a bang up job! The extra bagginess in the original knickers, I now realize, is due to a mother trying to get an extra year and a half of growth into those pants. If I had tucked the cuff in on itself I think it would have been identical.

I started this project with a baby version, because I had a nice sized remnant from a present (see previous post here). I made a little pleat on each front and back side; I love the little details. Some wonderful golden short pants.



Then there were the Mickey short pants that actually ended above the ankle in the most awkward place. I rolled them up and they look exactly like board shorts. Just look at this flaunted pose.


So for those of you wondering what the relevance of knickers are in today’s world, I will end with several examples:

*Bubble Shorts

*Board Shorts

*Baseball Pants


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