Kids Clothes Week

Well I have been swept up by Kids Clothes Week this time around.  It had been nearly a week since I sat down to sew and suddenly I realized I could indulge, and so I did.  I started off with a shirt for my son which turned out at least 2 sizes too big. Whoops. He specifically asked for a circle pocket, silly kid. I made notes and fixed the sizing problems. I want to mention that I was very excited to know the week of sewing was to begin on Super Bowl Sunday…eventually I figured out I was a day off. No biggie.

I’ve been working diligently on my first for sale pattern and I’m in the final testing days. To check my progress I made a second shirt which turned out just perfect. I used a different fabric for the back yoke to add variety to his wardrobe, but perhaps I made the yoke to long; not bad for a test run though.


Now to focus on some girl clothes. Recently I asked for (demanded) some alone mom time on Sundays, just a couple hours to run errands in silence, this also gives valuable fun with Dad time into the weekly routine, back to my point, I found myself at The Bins and stumbled on this awful sweater that I could not put down. In case you are wondering, the bins is the name given to the giant goodwill warehouse where all the things that don’t sell or are broken end up; endless bins of junk and clothes in absolutely no order priced by the pound. Its a fun place to wander and watch people get manic over cart fulls of cast off clothes and shoes. These pants are the result of the sweater sleeves. They are very roomy and warm, I am just unsure if they will be itchy with the giant seams I left.

And finally this is the dress I have been thinking about for days. I think I love it. Its comfy and warm, and all the mess ups turned out wonderful, like for instance  when I ran out of remnant fabric for the sleeves and had to include a different thinner knit; it turns out that thinner grey knit gives just enough stretch to go over the head without needing a closure…whohoo! Also I opted for a clean straight bottom hem to finish up the project instead of the too fancy shenanigans I had originally cut. But next time I would do a lighter weight  knit so it falls a little nicer.


Well, I may have only one project left in me for a while and that is because I need to do another test run on the pattern.  I love to participate in this sew along and get inspired by everyone’s photos while sharing my own pictures.
Next week I will be starting a new series which I am very excited about.  More to come soon.


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