Cost Of Clothing: Special Occasion

There is a very special occasion coming up for a little baby friend of ours. A first birthday and so I set to make her a 1st Birthday dress as darling and unique as she is.

I went shopping at a local fabric shop that I had no idea was hiding just down the road, the Mills End, and found the perfect inspiration for her.

Method Three: Special Occasion

Cost                 Supplies $20 (no pattern used)

Time                About 3 hours

Political          A truly local store and design inspired by the people we know; fantastic way to enjoy my craft

Emotional      This project came out great from start to finish. I love the design and experience of it.

CAM01075      CAM01069

Designing:     My friend Leah wanted a simple dress for her daughter that could easily be paired with a white collared shirt for her 1st birthday. We shopped together (with a herd of children around us) and had a hard time finding the right material. Originally we agreed a lightweight wool would be best for a jumper, however there was no fabric that fit the occasion. We stumbled upon the flannels of all things and found this understated midnight blue traditional design. This fits the girl and her family so perfectly!


CAM01036   CAM01062

Execution:       First thing decided was to thicken up the fabric, flannel after all is warm and cozy, not exactly the stiff wool we were thinking. I used interfacing and lined the bodice which helped but the skirt would surley fall flat, so I used some tulle to help keep the skirt full looking. It worked perfectly! Also I gave a small peek a boo curve at the back to see a little tulle poke out. I love that part. And finally the bow at the back was designed so because we didn’t get enough ribbon, whoops…next time I know to double the amount of ribbon you think you need. I should make a note that I made the pattern myself since we were looking for a specific type of dress. It was easy enough for myself to construct, but I would imagine a comparable pattern would be about $10.


Results:        I think this dress is a perfect way to go about sewing. Shop local, draw inspiration from those you sew for, and be willing to adjust your plans. The back of the dress has all the frills, and I think it leaves all the attention for her pretty smile. It also felt good to make this dress, there was no guilt from purchasing the materials or questionable practices. I am hoping the fit is good but we will see later on. Generally patterns off the shelf fit a little funny so I’m hoping my own rendition will have better success.

This was a nice cap to the cost of clothing series. It was perfect for the heirloom piece. I hope you enjoyed it!

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