The Chicken Run, Last Chance To Join The Swap!


We’ll be drawing a name on January 15th to win a chicken of your choice. This is the last chance to leave a comment for entry.
These little pin cushion chickens were so fun to make , and now it’s your turn to join the Chicken Run, created by Oh Sew Tempting.

Simply leave a comment below leaving the name of the chicken and what country it will be sent to. Also know the you will then have a month to host your own chicken run! It’s a brilliant swap that’s loads of fun!

Posted by MayRoseSewing


5 thoughts on “The Chicken Run, Last Chance To Join The Swap!

  1. Thank you for the link πŸ™‚ I’ve just realised you posted. I would have blogged about your post if I’d known but you already have some entrants so that is great. Please let me know who wins and which chicken is won. Would it be OK to put a photo of the winning chicken in the Chicken Run Gallery please? My email address is to the right of my blogpages. I hope you enjoyed making your chickens. They are all gorgeous! Avis x

    • Oh that is probably my fault, my email has been a little spotty lately. I will definitely email you the winner as well as post a comment. I think I have a chicken addiction now! Thanks for such a lovely idea and getting it all going.

  2. This is such a lovely idea that I can’t resist a chance of taking part! I particularly like the one in the middle. He looks like he has chicken pox and would benefit from the fresh air and countryside here in the south of England! I would name him Chester. πŸ™‚

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