Cost Of Clothing: The Middle Way

For the 2nd part of Cost Of Clothing I wanted to do something basic and fun. Snowman pajamas are always fun and I knew it would be easy enough to do one for each kid, just in time for Christmas eve.

I went to Joanne’s and picked from their mass produced flannel and stood in line for far too long with all the other crafters, but the experience was still fun since the kids got to pick the fabric with me.

Method Two: The Middle Way

Cost        Supplies    $35    (Pattern on sale $10, Material 3 ½ yrds for $25)

        Time        About 3-4 hours (lost track)

        Political    Seems to be a fair way to go

        Emotional    A nice project, happy with the results. A bit expensive for 2 pairs of kids pajamas.

Designing:    I went with a standard Simplicity pattern that seems a little over-priced, however I do get to reuse the papers, so I suppose it’s worth it if I reuse. The fabric shopping was fun since my son helped pick it out; I love that he wants to match his sister, I’m sure this stage doesn’t last long!

Execution:    Everything went smoothly. I did make a few changes because I could foresee an awkward fit for the older size, while with the baby I just made my own pair of pants from a previous pattern I have that I trust fits over cloth diapers. I just love pajamas and how quickly they come together. So few stitches; however I will note that I always double stitch on the pant seems.

(I should also note that I had to size down the baby size from a 2 year to 1 year. Basically I just cut inside the lines, using an eyeball approach. It worked fine for me.)

Results:    Everything went smoothly. My ideas went along as planned. The pajamas are very durable with a solid fabric that should last a year of heavy use.

I also think shopping at a commercial store like Joanne’s has it’s positive and negative. On the one side they seem to have a good ethical practice. I think they are good to their employees and purchase fabric with fairly good quality which is current and in style; however I am certain they make their profit on the customer side, this means higher prices. That is ok with me if the end product is good and wearable. Also if you go often you can get a lot of coupons and discounts to help offset cost. And finally while their selection changes often it is mass produced so this is by no means a unique project.

Overall it was just a pleasant , no guilt, no pressure sewing project. Middle Way describes this project perfectly! Look at that face…

Cost Of Clothing

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