The Chicken Run Giveaway! Win A Free Chicken Pincushion.

The Chicken Run has made it to Oregon! This is a great international giveaway that connects the sewing community through the fun of our craft. All you have to do is leave a comment with a name for the chicken pincushion, where in the world it is headed and a promise that you will continue the raffle by hosting you own chicken run. Do you have a favorite?

I will hold the raffle open until January 15th. Please leave a comment and enter to win! It’s as easy as a name, a country, and a promise! Which hen will arrive on your doorstep? You can enter even if you do not have a blog.


Truly, I had fun with this project. I had never even heard of a chicken pincushion before winning Mr. Cluck from KnettyCraft and wouldn’t you know I can’t stop making them now. Below is my current flock, the log cabin was sent all the way from Germany (I feel so special), the polka dots is a rattle I made for my daughter by inserting a bell into the middle, and the three others are up for grabs. I think this is a genius little swap created by Oh Sew Tempting and I’m excited to be part of it.


Here is my very special package from Germany. The kids and I had so much fun finding this on our porch and unwrapping all the little treasures. Thanks again KnettyCraft!


Join along in the fun and leave a comment! I will randomly draw a name and post the winnings on January 15th. Let’s start the new year with some fun.


8 thoughts on “The Chicken Run Giveaway! Win A Free Chicken Pincushion.

  1. These are too, too cute! I like the one in the middle with the red on white fabric. She’s a girl, and her name is Chili Chicken, and she would love it here in Chicago. One wall in my sewing room is the same shade of red!

    • You certainly can win a chicken! Just say what country it’s going to along with a name in the comments (this way I know if you really want to be part of the drawing). Also know the winner is making a promise to continue the chicken run swap with their one chicken. It’s really fun. I hope to hear back from you!

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