Holly Jolly, Crazy Busy, Christmas

Does holiday music send you into a state, of well…panic? Maybe an adrenaline induced giggling fit? Or a to-do list zombie?

I don’t know why but this year I am really feeling the pressure. This is the part where advice is given…but you won’t find that here, I’m too busy making more lists! One of the few things I have managed to cross off is to make some Christmas presents for the kids, and lets face it, watching kids fall into the indulgent world of family, feasts, and gifts is fun for everyone. Their ability to simply enjoy it all is contagious (the only infectious thing allowed is holiday spirit).

Experimenting with felt was easy enough. It sewed fine on my machine and playing with thread color was fun, the only negative was that no matter how I sewed things up they look kind of…homemade, and not necessarily in the good way. I can live with these felt boards because the kids will probably only play with them a handful of times before they are forgotten. The outside covers are cloth and they roll out.

The one for my son is a space theme complete with orbits and planets and the blue section is a compartment to hold space things. I did include Pluto. The orange one is still a surprise so I will only give this sneak peak and it is the better of the two, (its pretty obvious what the theme is), there is a compartment on this one as well.

Sewing Details: I used 3 pieces of felt for the mats (a 1″ piece of interfacing on the back and a good zig zag stitch at each joint made them very steardy). One of the felt squares is folded over and stitched to make a car/toy holder; then I used fabric to make a nice clean backing. I found 1″ excess fabric around all sides is enough to fold over and give a nice boarder. One suggestion is to use interfacing on the entire back if you plan to sew all over the felt board as I did in the space theme, the stiching process bunches a lot as you can see. Interface the small pieces so they have some strenghth and attach a snippet of velcro on the back. That’s it!

The cost is only a couple dollars since flet is about $0.25 a piece, but takes time (couple hours) and it does not look as nice as a store bought item. I made them for kids who are too young for instruction based games.

Next on the list are a couple doll rattles, a Christmas shirt, matching pajamas…

Queue the overwhelming music.


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